Fuel Prices

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The Martha’s Vineyard Airport is the sole provider of fuel on the Airport. We readily have enough Jet-A and 100LL fuels available to meet peak demand. Advanced trip notification is requested to better assist our customers’ needs.

Fueling Hours
Fueling is provided 24/7

Jet A: $8.20/gal
Prist: $0.07 /gal
AV Gas: $7.29/gal
Updated On: 9/20/2023

The following volume discounts are also available on fuel purchases:

FBO Services

MVY is an FAA Index B Part 139 commercial airport.

FBO Service Hours
24 hours

Fuel Hours
24 hours

Please call us at (508) 693-7022 x1 for more information

Services Available


  • Executive Conference Room
  • Flight Planning/ Weather Center
  • Crew Lounge/ Rest Area
  • Ground Handling
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Wi-Fi
  • Quick Turn Services
  • Complimentary coffee, water, newspapers
  • Wheelchair
  • Kitchenette
  • Onsite Car Rental Companies
  • NATA Safety 1st Trained Line Service
  • Premium Keurig Coffee

Aircraft and Passenger Services:

  • Ground Power Units
  • De-icing and Anti-icing (TYPE I and IV)
  • Oil (2380 and 15W50)
  • Tie Downs
  • Ramp (aircraft parking)
  • Potable Water
  • Pre-Heat and Plug-in Engines


  • Jet A/Jet A +
  • AvGas

Please Contact the Following Directly for Third-Party Services:


J&B Services – Lavatory Service: Phone: 508-627-0166 jbjetcorp@gmail.com


Landing Fees

Landing fees are charged to all transient GA aircraft operating at MVY by Vector Airport Systems. Landing fees will be assessed at the time of departure and billed at the following rates:

$3.00 x 1,000 lbs. MTOW over 4,000 lbs.

$15 flat fee for aircraft with maximum certificated takeoff weight (MTOW) of 4,001-6,000 lbs.

Payments & Account Management:

Self-Service Portal: Vector’s self-service web portal (https://payment.planepass.com)

Contact Vector: For payment or billing inquiries, Vector can be reached at 888-588-0028 (X700 or Option 1) or by email at  billing@vector-us.com

Their office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5pm EST with most federal holidays observed as well as Christmas Eve and the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Ramp Fees are charged PER CALENDAR DAY. The first day’s ramp fee can be waived with the following minimum fuel purchase:

Map of Ramp

All pilots are requested to become familiar with the below diagram in order to better assist Air Traffic Control and Airport Operations personnel in traffic flow and security measures.

Please note the RED SHADED areas which depict either based tenant reserved areas, ARFF access routes, or secure ramp space for airline operations.


J & B Corporate Jet Service provides dishwashing services.

Phone: (508) 627-0166
Fax: (508) 696-5743

Crocker House: (508) 693-1151

Little Rock Farm Catering: (508) 693-5651

Revel Catering: (508) 645-5000

Aircraft Charters

A variety of companies offer charter aircraft services to and from Martha’s Vineyard Airport. We have listed a few of them here for your convenience. Keep in mind, this is only a sampling, not a recommendation for service.

Action Airlines (800) 243-8623

Aero Charter NE (833) 693-5444

Chester Charter (860) 526-4321

Hopscotch Air (877) 255-2467

Janus Air (508) 905-9999

Linear Air (877) 254-6327

Plane Sense (866) 214-1212

Reliant Air Charter (203) 743-5100

Resort Air Charter (800) 683-9330

Shoreline Aviation (781) 834-4928

Talon Air Jets (631) 753-8881

Tradewind Aviation (800) 376-7922

Reserved Tie Downs

Coming Soon!


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