Marthas Vineyard Airport


Landing fees
apply to all aircraft immediately above 4,000 lbs (MTOW). The fees are based on weight and calculated using the following formula:

$2.50 x 1,000 of Max Takeoff Weight

Landing & Ramp Fees
for Single Engine/Light Twin Piston aircraft less than 6,000 Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW):

Max Takeoff Wt. Landing Fee Ramp Fee
0-4000 lbs. (Single) Waived $10
4001-6000(Lt. Twin) $15 $15

Landing Fees
for all aircraft are calculated at a rate of $2.50 x 1,000 MTOW. For a detailed list of Landing Fees & Ramp Fees for aircraft greater than 6,000 MTOW please click here.

Ramp Fees
are charged
The first day's ramp fee can be waived with the following minimum fuel purchase:

Max Takeoff Wt. Ramp Fee Gallons to Waive*
0-4000 lbs. (Single) $10 16
6000-10,000 $35 50
10,000-12,500 $50 75
12,501-25,000 $100 150
25,001-75,000 $150 200
75,001-greater $300 400

Ground Power Unit (GPU) Fees:
Start Only $25** Up to 15min.(12,24 & 28 Volt)
28 Volt $35 1/2 Hour Minimum Charge

**GPU Startup fee waived with minimum purchase of fuel as shown above in Ramp Fees

De-Icing Fees:
There is a 10 gallon minimum charge for all orders.

Fee Minimum
Type I $18/gallon 10 gallons
Type IV (Anti-Ice) $22/gallon 10 gallons

Pre-Heating Fees:
With Purchase of Fuel Without Purchase of Fuel
Single Engine $15 $25
Twin Engine $25 $35